March 20, 2023

SVB: Damned by Duration

In recent episodes we’ve been boasting ”if there’s a bubble that burst, we pricked it first” but events at SBV caught us off guard. This bubble burst before our eyes and now the one word on the market's lips is …

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March 13, 2023

Mobile Bubbles in Barcelona

This week we free-ride off Richard’s travels, meaning he mingled with over 100,000 Telco executives so we didn’t have to. When you gather the population of a small city into a conference venue for a whole week, there’s got to …

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March 6, 2023

Sucking on Subsidies

This week, sucking on subsidies. Government grants, fat contracts, tax credits, state aid, all the cash a company didn't generate on its own. Does it help? Or does it stoke up problems for a future date? (Repeat from October, 2021.)

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Feb. 27, 2023

Inflation: The Hope Parade

This week,we’re going to be discussing - read arguing - if the price is right. We’re back to that topic of inflation, where Will has been a self-proclaimed dove over recent months. Well the doves need to fly off as …

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Feb. 21, 2023

First Cut is The Deepest

This week’s episode will “cut like a knife” (pun intended) in that we’re going to make sense of the headcount reductions and cost-cutting strategies we’re witnessing across tech large and small. First cut is the deepest, sung by Cat Stevens, …

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Feb. 6, 2023

Troubles with Podcast Bubbles with guest Lauren Jarvis

This week we look into the spectacular rise and potential plateau of a not so new medium...our very own: the podcast. Staying power or flash in the pan? Hit driven or long tail smorgasboard of choices.

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Jan. 30, 2023

A Call for Activism

This week, we look at that special ‘class’ of investors who are busy raising their heads again to challenge management in a time of turmoil - the activist. Who are they, what gives them power and when they wield that …

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Jan. 23, 2023


We don't do shameless plugs here on Bubble Trouble, but we're making an exception for our esteem co-host Will Page on the publication of the paperback edition of Tarzan Economics, renamed Pivot: Eight Principles for Transforming your Business in a …

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Jan. 9, 2023

Passing the Tech Ethics "Hot Potato" with Stephanie Hare

Today we wrestle with ethics and technology. Stephanie Hare's wonderful new book. Technology Is Not Neutral, gives us a much needed framework for thinking about how the technologies we interact with every day affect our moral lives more. (Repeat)

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Jan. 2, 2023

Has Innovation Moved The House? with guest Dror Poleg

One of the giant bubbles of the last decades has been real estate, and for this week's episode we’re looking forward, not backward, with Dror Poleg, an economic historian and an inspirational thinker who is figuring out how we work, …

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Dec. 26, 2022

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

With all the emphasis on hard metrics and financials, it's often easy to overlook the culture of companies and the role it plays in their success (or failure). (Repeat)

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Dec. 19, 2022

Conversation with a Virtual Llama Owner with guest Clément Pouget.eth…

In our last new episode of 2022, we talk with Clément Pouget.eth-Osmont, whose post on LinkedIn mocking the dubious NFTs ratcheted up a record 8 million impressions. We ask: Where do NFTs go from here?

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Dec. 12, 2022

Chokepoint Capitalism with Cory Doctorow Part Two

Today we have our second episode with Cory Doctorow, co-author of Chokepoint Capitalism. In this second installment, we dig deep into copyright and how artists can take back control of their precious works.

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Dec. 5, 2022

Chokepoint Capitalism with Cory Doctorow Part One

Today we welcome the author of Chokepoint Capitalism Cory Doctorow over two episodes. In this first installment, we focus on market structures.

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Nov. 28, 2022

NFTs - They're Not For Me

This episode, we'll get Will Page’s impressions of the bubbles gathering around that island and what tsunami warning horns ought to be blaring when we talk about NFTs. (Repeat)

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Nov. 21, 2022

The Bubbles are Already Bursting with Sir Martin Sorrell

This week we continue our exploration of the bait of all click baits, the bandwagon that's traveling across the internet, that is The Metaverse. We're gonna move our dialogue up a gear with our very special, legendary guest, Sir Martin …

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Nov. 14, 2022

Music’s Worth $40bn

This week Will’s out of his bat cave and produced his annual global value of music copyright which - when rounded up - would hit $40bn. That means all the worlds music is worth almost as much as Twitter.

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Oct. 31, 2022

Right of Reply: The Future of the Free Press

This week we give the right of reply to an earlier episode (BT 49: Newspaper Subscriptions Versus Music Subscriptions) that raised more than a few hackles in the publishing community and opened a can of worms. Our guest is James …

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Oct. 25, 2022

Can't Truss It

There are bubbles in politics just like there are in markets, and we're going to talk today about how the markets look at bubbles bursting in the political sphere, what they make of them, and whether this spells more trouble …

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Oct. 17, 2022

When the Levee Breaks

This week we want to take stock of the central banks and the hiking interest rates. Those rates are still way behind the rate of inflation. So what does that all mean for bubbles?

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Oct. 3, 2022

The Downfall of Wirecard with Dan McCrum (Part Two)

This week, the second of two episodes with Dan McCrum of the Financial Times about his investigative reporting into the massive fraud at the German financial firm Wirecard.

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Sept. 26, 2022

The Downfall of Wirecard with Dan McCrum

This week we have the first of two episodes with Dan McCrum of the Financial Times about his investigative reporting into the massive fraud at the German financial firm Wirecard.

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Sept. 19, 2022

Summer Troubles, Autumn Bubbles

As we're all back from our holidays this week is just Will and Richard trading postcards, anecdotes, and observations of what they've seen during our time away.

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Sept. 12, 2022

How Good is Goodwill?

This week we get to the good, the bad and the ugly of "goodwill," how it's supposed to be used and how it can often be abused in bubble trouble.

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