May 1, 2021

Welcome to Bubble Trouble

Trailer for Bubble Trouble, coming soon.

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Trailer for Bubble Trouble, coming soon.


Richard:The problem with most conversations about markets, finance and economics, besides that they tend to be dull is you don't know how to separate fact from fiction.

Will:I'm economist Will Page.

Richard:And I'm analyst Richard Kramer.

Will:And each week we host bubble trouble conversations that lay out the hidden agendas and inconvenient truths about how financial markets really work... and make it interesting along the way.

Many financial analysts are "sycophants," meaning they spend our time praising the companies they cover, instead of appraising them.

Richard:Or in their attempt to curry favor, they become "stenographers," and just write down what the companies want them to say.

Will:In each episode, we sketch out what companies do and their economics in simple terms.

Richard:We're independent, which means we aren't on big tech's payroll, we don't have any conflicts of interest, and we're free to tell the truth about what we see.

Will:Join us, won't you? For Bubble Trouble from Magnificent Noise.

Richard:Wherever you find your podcasts.